“Ralph” by Roger Moy

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‘Ralph’ started life as a 1987 Yamaha RGX 1203S super strat, originally bright pink in color (it was the 1980’s afterall) This was a higher end offering from Yamaha complete with neck-thru design, stacked pickups, ebony fingerboard and locking trem system.




When the guitar arrived at the store, it was a far cry from it’s former or current avatar. Covered and dripping battleship gray porch point, it seemed a shame to leave it in that condition being such a high end  Yamaha. So we had the idea of repainting the guitar and what better than to make it a work of art, tattoo art at that.



The hard part was finding a tattoo artist that was adept at airbrush art. After a long search we had no luck. Turns out, however, there is a great local artist in our own back yard right here in Bucktown who is very familiar with airbrushing. His name is Roger Moy and if you like what he has done with Ralph and would like to see more of his work or would like him to paint your guitar his website is here: