‘Ramon’ by Roger Moy, Kramer Art Guitar

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‘Ramon’ by Roger Moy, Kramer Art Guitar

‘Ramon’ by Roger Moy, Kramer Art Guitar is another project by local artist Roger Moy. Ramon came to Avenue N as an assortment of assembled parts. The body is a MIK Kramer Striker 100ST that was stripped of original finish and horribly clear coated. The neck is maple with the 1st style ‘banana’ head stock and rosewood board. The bridge is a Floyd Rose with no fine tuners for non-locking nut. The single pickup is an F-spaced Gibson humbucker. A single volume control completes the package.

We couldn’t, of course, leave such an interesting guitar in such a miserable finish so naturally we called our old friend Roger to the rescue and the result is what you see here. Ramon is not only a visual stunner, but is an extremely playable guitar with a fast, fluid neck.

'Ramon' by Roger Moy

‘Ramon’ by Roger Moy