Private Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons @ Avenue N Guitars: Beginner-Advanced

Private Music Lessons are offered every day starting at Noon, ending at 8pm.

We offer private music lessons for every level and style of player and our teachers will customize lessons to tailor to your needs. Enjoy the “1 on 1 Experience” with a professional Chicago musician. Lessons available on Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano and Ukulele.  All of our teachers attended top ranking music colleges and are experienced professional performers with a comprehension and appreciation of various styles of music. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your musical goals.

Lessons are booked in 30-60 min increments. Pick the day and time that works best for you and let us know! Tell us a little about yourself/student in the ‘Comments/Questions’ box below, follow the steps and one of our employees will respond within 24hours. Call 773.252.5580 or email [email protected] for further questions.



Individual Half Hour Lessons

1 Lesson = $35
4 Half Hour Lessons Package @ $30/Lesson= $120
8 Half Hour Lessons Package @ $27.50/Lesson = $220
12 Half Hour Lessons @ $25/Lesson = $300

Individual Hour Lesson

1 Lesson = $50 

We realize that many adults have a constantly changing work schedule and are unable to take a lesson at the same time each week.  It is possible to work out a flexible arrangement to accommodate your needs if this applies to you. Missed lessons are not refundable.


Our Teachers:

Jake Hawrylak, Program Manager – Teaches Guitar, Acoustic and Electric Bass, Piano, Drums and Ukulele 8cad01f4-3146-42ca-a971-0c5d118646b7

Jake Hawrylak manages the lesson program at Avenue n Guitars. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, he found a home in the midwest by way of Knox College. Though a guitar player by trade, he graduated with a degree in Jazz Bass Performance and has been an active player in the Chicago music scene since moving here in 2014. He teaches bass, guitar, drums, piano and ukulele with an emphasis on finding the music that speaks the most to the student and cultivating a method of self-motivated development. Anything from styles, technique, composition, and more! Call or email us to set up an appointment.


Brian Quinn- Teaches Bass & Keyboard

Offering "1 on 1" Private Music Lessons with a professional Chicago musician. Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano and Ukulele. Buy/Sell/Trade/Repair. (773) 252-5580  BrianAven

Brian has been teaching at Avenue N Guitars since 2007.  He graduated Summa cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in 2005, after which he moved to Illinois where he has been teaching and playing music professionally around Chicago for the last decade years.  As a teacher, Brian tailors his lessons to the musical tastes of each of his students, keeping them engaged and interested while encouraging the development of an individual sound for each player.



Offering "1 on 1" Private Music Lessons with a professional Chicago musician. Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano and Ukulele. Buy/Sell/Trade/Repair. (773) 252-5580

F.A.Q. About Lessons

Do I Need My Own Instrument?  ——We definitely recommend you have your own instrument if you plan on taking private music lessons.  Not only does the sense of ownership of the instrument help you dedicate yourself that much further, but you will actually have something to practice with when you go home!  We have inexpensive instrument options available (between $99-$200 for entry level guitars. $70-$200 for Ukuleles) and can help you find the one that will inspire you to pick it up on a daily basis to get the maximum enjoyment out of your fun new investment.

How many lessons will I need before I can play? —— Day one, you will be playing a song!  Each lesson is specifically tailored to help students to reach their individual goals.  Our instructors use fun, practical approaches to sharpen your skills whether you plan to strum tunes around the campfire, rip your own rockin’ solos, or compose your own heart-wrenching ballads.

How old do you have to be to start? ——-It’s never too late to start in our private music lessons program, but sometimes it may be a bit too early.  7 years old is as young as we recommend in order for the student to get the most out of their lessons.  You’re never too old!!  In fact, the majority of our students at Avenue N are adults looking to expand their own musicality and enjoy a fun new activity.

Do I have to have previous musical experience? —-Not at all!  We take lessons so we can learn something new!  Any experience is helpful and we encourage you to use all your resources to expand your musicality.  Play with friends, go to jams, ask questions, use YouTube.  Nothing tops sitting down with and playing songs with a little guidance.   Our staff is friendly, knowledgable, and dedicated to making your musical adventure as fulfilling as possible, so please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you like!

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