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We Repair Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects Pedals and more! 

We can repair your electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and most stringed instruments. We also can service both solid state and tubed amplifiers, effects pedals and vintage synthesizers. Our Techs have a combined 50 years of experience in instrument and electrical engineering. There are very few repairs outside the range of their expertise. We stress that prices vary per repair but listed below are average prices for a few different jobs (some excluding parts and strings)


We can repair your electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, most stringed instruments, effects pedals, solid state & tubed amplifiers. Wicker Park Chicago.

Stringed Instrument Repair

Kriss Bataille has  over 20 years experience in the repair & restoration of stringed instruments. A long time professional musician, Kriss understands the importance of a well playing instrument for all your performing needs.



Basic @ $45   Floyd [email protected]$60

(Strings not included in price)


6-String Guitar @ $12

Classical Guitar @$15

Electric Guitar w/Floyd Rose System @$30

Mandolin @ $15

Ukulele @ $10 


PICKUP INSTALL call for estimate

LEVEL / CROWN / POLISH: call for estimate

NEW HANDMADE BONE NUT or SADDLE  : call for estimate

RE-FRET: call for estimate


Audio Gear Repair


Mark Springer has over 25 years experience in the repair, modification and restoration of professional audio gear. With additional experience as a recording engineer and studio designer he has devoted his career to making your gear function at its best.

– Amplifier Repair & Modification @ $60  per hour (minimum 1/2 hour charge)
– Effects Pedal Repair & Modification @ $50 per hour (minimum 1/2 hour charge)
– Vintage Synthesizer Repair @ $85 per hour (minimum 1/2 hour charge)

* Minimum Charge $30 for 1/2 hr of labor (Effects Pedals usually cheaper)


Available Fender Blues Junior Modifications:

*These mods can apply to other amps as well*


Adjustable Bias:  $15

Convert to Cathode Bias: $12

Fixed/Cathode Bias Switch$25 (requiresminimum of cathode bias mod)

Power Supply stiffening cap: $10

Switchcraft all-metal input jack: $10

Standby switch: $20

TwinStack midrange control mod: $8

Audio-taper master volume: $10

Audio-taper reverb control: $10

Move reverb to pre master volume: $8 (included in master volume or reverb control mod)

Add jewel light $15 (available colors: red, green, blue, yellow, violet)

Negative feedback switch: $15

Negative feedback switch with presence control: $40

Replace output transformer: $15 (plus transformer)

Add choke: $15 (plus choke)

Bench Fee:  $50

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