Avenue N at the Music Garage

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The Music Garage is the best place in Chicago for bands to rehearse. Smart, clean, well organized and centrally located at 345 N. Loomis, they offer hourly, monthly, band share, private studio and engineering suite rates. It is also the home of Vic’s Drum Shop, a beautiful, incredibly stocked store that is clearly the only serious choice in Chicago for every drummer’s needs.

We are very fortunate that our friends at the Music Garage have cleared out a corner and asked us to set up a display of instruments. A little bit of Avenue N Guitars at the Music Garage. Great idea!

Now, patrons of the Music Garage can check out these instruments, rent them by the hour for rehearsal or even buy them and take them home. We will frequently rotate the inventory to always keep it fun and  interesting.

You can contact the Music Garage for more information at:  [email protected]musicgarage.com or call 312-997-1972